Owl house for Raptors and Ravens

Biodiversity First! just closed escrow on a 40 acre parcel located in a strategic area of the Carrizo Plain, furthering the safe passage for the migratory herds of Tule Elk and Pronged Horned Antelope. The land will never be developed and is the home of Badgers, Kit Foxes and Giant Kangaroo Rats (they’re so cute) to name a few.

Keep the grasslands intact

The last remaining grasslands of the majestic San Joaquin Valley can be found in only a few narrow valleys in Central California. The Panoche Valley, California Flats (Cholame Valley) and the Carrizo Plain comprise the majority of these grasslands. The Carrizo Plain, home to some of the most sensitive of these habitats and the largest number of endangered and protected species in the United States, has been bifurcated and segmented over the years by ranches, residential housing and two of the largest solar power plants in the nation. The suite of endangered species that survive in these habitats depend on a connective corridor between the valleys for their feeding and reproduction. Biodiversity First! is committing funds for the study of migratory pathways and for the purchase of land within the areas of connectivity. BDF! is committed to pursuing enforcement of the California Environmental Quality Act as it affects these areas.

The Carrizo Plain - San Joaquin Grasslands - Biodiversity First!