Environmental Danger Zone

Scheduled to close in 2025, Diablo Canyon presents the largest environmental danger to California and the Western States. With its 2,200 metric tons of highly irradiated nuclear waste at ocean’s edge, BDF! advocates for the safest dry cask storage onsite, which includes Hardened On-Site Storage (HOSS) and using much more robust dry storage canisters. The “once through cooling” (OTC) at Diablo has devastating consequences to coastal marine life. The 2.5 billion gallons of water that are pulled through the cooling system each day kill millions of larvae and other marine life as they are sucked through impellers and screens. A 20-degree increase in the temperature of outflow cooling waters into Diablo Cove alters the habitat and ecosystem in the cove. Diablo Canyon was built on multiple earthquake faults, stores its nuclear waste on site and is subject to terrorist attacks. Biodiversity First! is working with Mothers for Peace and other organizations to shut down Diablo sooner than 2025.

Environmental Danger Zone - Biodiversity First!